Accelerated Orthodontics

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In keeping with our commitment to employing state of the art technology to achieve superior orthodontic results, we offer accelerated orthodontic treatment options.

The Propel System

The Propel system is one of our most effective accelerated orthodontic treatment options. This involves making a perforation into the gums to accelerate teeth movement. We use a state of the art digital optical scanner to take higher quality mouth impressions without the use of messy goop, and then make precise perforations based on these scans. This treatment can help make Invisalign treatments much more efficient.


Another feature of our accelerated orthodontics treatment is a device called ‘acceledent’. This device is a bite wafer that vibrates to increase blood flow and assist in moving teeth. Much like the Propel system, this facilitates Invisalign and speeds up overall orthodontic treatment. For patients in need of a more rapid treatment plan, these can be highly effective options.

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