The Importance of Fluoride in Developing Strong Teeth

Although many opinions on the pros and cons of fluoride and fluoridation in communities abound, dentists agree that fluoride strengthens teeth–both in adults and children. The importance of fluoride for children specifically stems from the fact that the enamel of a child’s teeth is forming throughout childhood. Fluoride helps the body form a strong outer shell of enamel around the teeth, and when a child’s body is forming the enamel for their adult teeth a strong dose of fluoride makes for strong teeth.

So, how can you ensure your child gets the fluoride necessary to form strong teeth?

1.) If the water in your community isn’t fluoridated, take a fluoride supplement. Find fluoride tabs at any drugstore, or talk to your dentist.

2.) Use a mouthwash and toothpaste with fluoride. ACT and other brands list flouride as their active ingredients, check the back of their packaging to be sure.

Fluoride strengthens teeth at any age but is especially important in childhood for the development of lifelong strong enamel.

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