• 3 Healthy Snacks Kids (and Dentists!) Love

    Sometimes unhealthy snacks are easier to find than healthy ones, which is why Dr. Johnson and Dr. Parker suggest having healthy snacks on hand for the sake of your body and your teeth! Here are 3 snacks that children and adults love that won’t hurt your teeth or anything else!

    1.) Cheese Sticks or Cheese Cubes: With no sugar and lots of protein, cheese in cubes or in a stringy stick make a great snack that won’t contribute to the “sugarbugs” that may have formed on your teeth during the day. Cheese also contains calcium which helps keep teeth and bones strong. At Platinum Dental Care, we give cheese an A+ for these reasons.

    2.) Fruit and Veggie Kabobs: Although fruit does contain sugar, sometimes you need a little pick me up that’s not overly sweet, and the fiber from fruits and vegetables makes this a nutritious snack that will stick with you. Not to mention the vitamins and minerals in fruits and veggies are necessary for a healthy body.

    3.) Veggie Chips: Thinly sliced jicama, cucumber, carrots, and celery make for a crunchy snack that carries important nutrients for you and your body. Additionally, the crunch of veggies and their low sugar content make them an excellent choice for your oral health.

    Making healthy choices that will benefit your oral and systemic health is an investment in the future. Hopefully these suggestions make it easier to enjoy healthy eating and avoid cavities.

    Dr. Johnson , a Pediatric dentist in Riverton , offers cleanings, fillings, exams, and everything else growing smiles need to stay heathly! Dr. Parker offers traditional braces , Invisalign , ceramic braces , laser treatment , and accelerated orthodontics . If you are interested in setting an appointment with either of these awesome doctors please call their office at (801) 253-8866.

  • Getting Your Child Ready for the Dentist

    At Johnson Pediatric Dentistry, we hope to provide the best possible care to you and your family. In fact, we believe in the importance of a child’s first experience at the dentist, and we want to ensure that it is both positive and repeatable. We promise to do our part, but here are a few ideas to help prepare your child before they sit in the chair. Putting these practices in place at a young age will set the course for minimal dental issues and strong oral hygiene routines for life.

    Consistency at home

    Kids should brush their teeth twice a day and flossing once a day (preferably before bed). Remember that until your child can tie their shoes on their own, they do not have the dexterity to brush their teeth effectively on their own. Not only that, but once your kids can handle the toothbrush, they may not be doing the best job at scouring those sugar-bugs. So, until kids reach age 11 or 12, you should be supervising these routines and offering advice to help them improve their technique as needed.

    Limit Sugary Drinks and Sticky Snacks

    Water needs to be a readily available beverage option at home and on the go with kids. Keep a full pitcher of water in the fridge and water bottles in the car. Providing healthy snack options including fruit, vegetables, cheese, whole wheat crackers, and rice cakes will also help combat the decaying effects of sugar and plaque. Soda should only be an occasional treat, simply because the sugar and acid content can really take a toll on developing teeth (and creatures of habit). If they do drink soda, encourage your children to drink with straws and rinse their mouths out with water after consumption. Help your children understand different food and drink options, so that they know which options are good for their teeth and why.

    Regular Dental Checkups

    Within the first six months of cutting their first tooth or around a first birthday, your child can benefit from a visit to the dentist. Establishing a solid relationship with your dentist will help your children feel comfortable in the dentist’s chair. Schedule regular six month checkups in order to detect problems early including cavities and the need for orthodontics, avoid tooth aches, and to set your children up for a life of strong oral health.

  • Electric Toothbrushes: Good for Kids?

    Electric toothbrushes can help children (especially those with braces) brush more effectively. Brushing with an electric toothbrush may require a different technique than a manual, but at Johnson Pediatrics, we think they are worth the investment, and here’s why:

    1.) Electric toothbrushes break up plaque more effectively . With a manual toothbrush, you can effectively break up plaque forming on the surface of your teeth and along the line of your gums, but it takes deliberate effort and correct technique. For most people, it’s a technique that is easy to learn but not always easy to remember or replicate without consious effort. Electric toothbrushes ensure that you make the correct motion necessary to eliminate the growth of bacteria without fail, every time.

    2.) Patients who use electric toothbrushes often have less cavities than those who don’t. This is where we see the real value of investing in an electric toothbrush (even though a manual costs less than a sandwich). We love electric toothbrushes because our patients who use them every day have cleaner mouths and less cavities than those who don’t, almost without compare to those who use a manual toothbrush. It’s not a proven fact or true in every case (electric toothbrushes can not guarantee a perfect smile, especially if you don’t use them correctly) but we see the benefit of their use with a majority of those who own and use them.

    3.) Electric Toothbrushes are cheaper than they used to be. You used to not be able to buy a high-end electric toothbrush for a reasonable price, but now you can get one for $100-200 with a years’ worth of toothbrush heads, and you can share the base with other members of your family, reducing the cost per person (everyone just needs their own toothbrush head, but can share one electric base).

    There is no guarantee that if you buy an electric toothbrush you will never have another cavity, but electric toothbrushes make it easier to avoid dental problems for most children and adults.

    At Johnson Pediatrics, our staff advise patients of all ages on proper brushing technique for manual and electric toothbrushes. We also have coupons for different electric toothbrush brands if you are interested, although we don’t know which is best. If you have questions about your toothbrush or how to use if correctly, just ask one of our staff at your next dental appointment.