• How to Get Your Child to Brush for 2 Minutes

    At Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dental Care we hope every one of our patients understands the importance of developing strong oral hygiene habits as a child. For this reason, we ask all of our patients to floss daily and to brush twice a day for two minutes. If you or your child struggles to make it the full three minutes, here are some ideas for staying strong and making it to the end of the 2 minute timer:

    1. Have Mom and/or Dad Brush Alongside Kids: A great way to spend time together and assure your children are brushing for a full two minutes is to brush together!

    2. Brush a Toy’s “Teeth” First: Showing your child how to brush effectively and how long they need to brush by brushing a Teddy Bear or doll’s teeth before they brush their own helps makes teeth brushing a positive experience.

    3. Make Funny Faces While Brushing: While brushing with your child or just observing their brushing, make funny faces in the mirror to help make the experience less boring and more positive in your child’s mind.

    4. Provide Incentives: When your children brush their teeth consistently for 2 minutes twice a day, seven days a week, give your child a reward to help promote their newly adopted habit!

    Your child needs to brush as soon as they have teeth. Wait until they have teeth that touch eachother to begin flossing. When your child can brush and floss on their own, use these and other creative ideas to ensure your child develops these essential habits to lifelong health and longevity.

    Dr. Johnson loves his work as a pediatric dentist in Utah. If you have any questions about how to teach your children to brush and floss effectively, do not hesitate to ask his or his knowledgable staff.

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  • Welcoming Summer the Right Way

    Today is the longest day of the year and the first day of summer! At Dr. Johnson Pediatrics, we talk to our patients every day about their summer activities and we have compiled a list of the best ways to celebrate summer:

    1.) Switch from winter pajamas to summer pajamas–for good! To officially welcome summer, you need to put away your long johns and get on your shorts and t-shirt jammies! No more switching back and forth–embrace summer by wearing your lightweight sleepwear for good!

    2.) Stay up Late! It’s the longest day of the year–ring it in by soaking up every hour!

    3.) Read a Book Outside: Enjoy the beautiful weather and abundance of natural light by reading a book outside (even better if you can read in a hammock or lounge chair).

    4.) Throw a Bonfire : There’s no better way to ring in summer and celebrate the longest day of the year than by inviting over your friends and cooking s’mores and hotdogs over a bonfire.

    5.) Set goals for the rest of the year. Because today is the longest day of the year, it’s the perfect time to evaluate your goals for 2017, set some new ones, and begin anew!

    At Dr. Johnson Pediatrics, we love celebrating summer with our patients. Whatever you do to celebrate this season, make sure you schedule an appointment with Dr. Johnson before school starts again this fall by calling 801-253-8866.