• Schedule an Appointment Before School Starts!

    The new school year is around the corner, which makes now a perfect time to schedule your kids for an exam and cleaning at Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dental in Riverton! Here are some things to remember when you schedule your appointment:

    1.) Arrive 10-15 min early, your child’s appointment should last 30-60 minutes.

    2.) Remember to brush and floss before your appointment! Even though it’s a cleaning, it’s also a good opportunity for the Dr. Johnson to gauge your child’s dental hygiene skill.

    3.) Remember to ask any questions at your appointment! This is YOUR time with Dr. Johnson, so take advantage!

    4.) Don’t let your kids eat anything after the appointment! Follow the hygienist’s specific instructions.

    We look forward to seeing the many families in Riverton who entrust us with their children’s dental care. Call today to schedule an appointment before school starts and ask about getting a picture posted for our no cavity club! Our phone number is 801-253-8866.

  • Kids Dental Appointments 101

    “When should a child first start seeing the dentist?”

    • At one year old, or when a child has teeth that touch eachother. If your child still has no teeth at 1 year, wait until he/she has two teeth close enough to touch before scheduling their first dental appointment.

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    “How can I minimize fear of the dentist in my child?”

    • Children can sense uneasiness in their parents–the more relaxed you are, the better the experience will be for both you and your child. Be as calm as you can and you will be surprised at how seamlessly your child mimics your behavior.

    “When should my child start brushing/flossing their teeth?”

    • Until your child can tie his/her shoes on their own, they do not posess the dexterity to brush or floss on their own either. Begin brushing as soon as your child has teeth and begin flossing as soon as your child has two teeth that touch.

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    “What’s so special about Pediatric Dentists?”

    • Treating teeth in children and adults may be similar, but pediatric dentists receive special training in child behavior that facilitates their ability to make every child’s visit to the dentist a positive experience! They can explain things so simply that a child can understand, they prevent any surprises by following the “Tell, Show, Do” teaching philosophy, and they make their offices 100% kid-friendly.

    Dr. Johnson takes pediatric dental care in Utah to a new level. His passion for helping children develop strong habits from a young age and making them feel comfortable in a dental operatory make him the best dentist in Riverton and the best pediatric dentist in Utah. Call his office today to schedule your child’s next appointment.

  • Best Brushing Techniques for Children

    The best way to help children develop a lifelong habit of taking care of their teeth and avoiding cavities, gum disease, and decay is by teaching them strong habits now. One of the biggest problems we see among our young patients is not a lack of brushing, but improper brushing technique. For this reason, we prepared this guide for proper brushing.

    1.) Teach your children to brush in small circles: Children typically run into two problems when brushing–they brush too hard and don’t effectively break up plaque. Teach your children to gently draw circles along the surface of their teeth. Gentle circles break up plaque without harming the gums.

    2.) Teach your children to be careful with their gums: The hard plastic and stiff bristles of a toothbrush can cut, bruise, and cause abrasions to the gums, leaving them puffy and red. Many children suffer pain from their gums for this reason and can even cause their gums to recede! In order to avoid the surgery and increased tooth sensitivity that receded gums cause, teach your children to treat their gums nicely.

    3.) Consider using a timer: Children are usually done with brushing around 30 seconds in. Help them patiently perservere with a 2 minute timer.

    4.) Find a soft-bristled brush: Cheap toothbrushes typically have stiffer bristles than are good for your children’s teeth and gums. A proper children’s toothbrush comes with soft enough bristles that gently clean without being overly abrasive.

    Helping children brush correctly is a process and may even take several reminders. Teaching a proper brushing technique will benefit you and your children for their whole lives, and will prevent the many problems and expense associated with poor oral hygiene.

    Call Dr. Johnson at 801-253-8866 to schedule your child’s next appointment! For a limited time now accepting new patients.