• Why Are Cleanings So Important?

    Every six months you find yourself Googling “a pediatric dentist near me” to get your children’s teeth cleaned, but do you have a good explanation for them as to why cleanings are so important? Here at Johnson Pediatric Dentistry in Riverton Utah we specialize in creating a pain-free and easy experience for parents and children. One way to make dentistry a pleasant experience for everyone involved is clear understanding of what is happening and why it’s important. Here are three reasons why dental cleanings are so important:

    1.) Dental Cleanings Help Prevent Cavities: When you come into see the pediatric dentist in Riverton Dr. Johnson, he checks your teeth for “soft spots” in the enamel where cavities are likely to form.

    2.) At a Dental Cleaning You Get Fluoride, Which Strengthens Teeth: Your fluoride treatment every 6 months helps strengthen the hard shell of your teeth called the enamel and prevents tooth decay.

    3.) Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dentist Can Clean Hard-to-Reach Spots: There are areas of your mouth that a dentist can both see and reach with his/her tools that may be vulnerable to decay. Cleaning every surface of your teeth is important!

    4.) A Dental Exam Prevents Pain and Tooth Loss: When you go to your check up every 6 months Dr. Johnson Pediatric Dentist in Riverton takes an X-ray to see if any teeth are coming in, causing problems, or needing extra attention. By detecting problems early on, you can prevent pain, toothloss, and other consequences of tooth decay.

    Dr. Johnson, a pediatric dentist in Riverton Utah, loves to help his patients understand the importance of dental care and good habits. He takes the time to simply explain each process within a dental office in order to help both parents and children have a pain-free and comfortable experience.

  • 3 Cavity Fighting Foods

    If you are looking for a great snack during the day knowing your child may not see a toothbrush for a few hours, here are a few snacks you can give them without fear–not only are these snacks good for your teeth, they actually fight cavities.

    1.) Candy: This may be a shocker, but SUGAR FREE CANDY can actually help your mouth fight cavities because many sugar free candies are sweetened with xylitol. Xylitol is great because bacteria in your mouth cannot metabolize it and create acid that breaks down your teeth (the way it can with sugar). So, if you are looking for a sweet treat to give yourself or your kids, feel good about reaching for a sugar-free lollipop or lozenge.

    2.) Cheese: No surprises here–cheese is free of sugar and full of nutrients like calcium and a protein called casein that has been tested as a strong cavity fighter. Cheese curds, cheese cubes, and string cheese are great go-to snacks if you know you won’t be brushing for a while.

    3.) Gum: Sugar-free gum is an amazing cavity fighter (and bad breath blocker). It helps fight bacteria with the power of xylitol in most cases, but even sugar-free gums sweetened with other sweetners are still effective cavity fighters because they help keep your saliva flowing which in and of itself is a strong cavity fighter.

    These foods are great in a pinch, but brushing is always the best way to clean your mouth. Fruits and vegetables are also a great way to clear out cavity causing bacteria.

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    Talk to Dr. Johnson and his staff about other great snacks to reach for when you know you don’t have a toothbrush nearby. He’s an expert!