• What to Do If Your Child Has a Cavity

    If your child begins to complain of a painful tooth, you need to act quickly in order to prevent further pain and damage. In the event that a cavity forms in your child’s mouth, here’s what you should do:

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    1.) Call “a dentist near me” ASAP. Cavities will only grow in size until the decay is removed and the hole filled. Receiving treatment as soon as you can will prevent pain and keep the cavity from taking over your child’s tooth and requiring a root canal or tooth removal. Do not wait for a biannual cleaning.

    2.) Offer OTC Pain Reliever if Necessary: Ibuprofen will reduce inflamation and releive pain. Be sure to follow proper dosage instructions.

    3.) Be Sure to Help Your Child Continue to Brush and Floss: Even if a part of their mouth is sore, they need to keep their mouth as clean as possible. Help your child to brush and floss regularly–it won’t cause further damage.

    Untreated tooth decay causes pain, infection, and space loss. You may think that your child’s teeth are eventually going to fall out, making cavities in baby teeth are no issue. The reality is, however, that even though baby teeth are not permanent, the effects of decaying baby teeth will have noticeable effects on your child’s permanent teeth if the decay is left untreated.

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