• Electric Toothbrushes: Good for Kids?

    Electric toothbrushes can help children (especially those with braces) brush more effectively. Brushing with an electric toothbrush may require a different technique than a manual, but at Johnson Pediatrics, we think they are worth the investment, and here’s why:

    1.) Electric toothbrushes break up plaque more effectively . With a manual toothbrush, you can effectively break up plaque forming on the surface of your teeth and along the line of your gums, but it takes deliberate effort and correct technique. For most people, it’s a technique that is easy to learn but not always easy to remember or replicate without consious effort. Electric toothbrushes ensure that you make the correct motion necessary to eliminate the growth of bacteria without fail, every time.

    2.) Patients who use electric toothbrushes often have less cavities than those who don’t. This is where we see the real value of investing in an electric toothbrush (even though a manual costs less than a sandwich). We love electric toothbrushes because our patients who use them every day have cleaner mouths and less cavities than those who don’t, almost without compare to those who use a manual toothbrush. It’s not a proven fact or true in every case (electric toothbrushes can not guarantee a perfect smile, especially if you don’t use them correctly) but we see the benefit of their use with a majority of those who own and use them.

    3.) Electric Toothbrushes are cheaper than they used to be. You used to not be able to buy a high-end electric toothbrush for a reasonable price, but now you can get one for $100-200 with a years’ worth of toothbrush heads, and you can share the base with other members of your family, reducing the cost per person (everyone just needs their own toothbrush head, but can share one electric base).

    There is no guarantee that if you buy an electric toothbrush you will never have another cavity, but electric toothbrushes make it easier to avoid dental problems for most children and adults.

    At Johnson Pediatrics, our staff advise patients of all ages on proper brushing technique for manual and electric toothbrushes. We also have coupons for different electric toothbrush brands if you are interested, although we don’t know which is best. If you have questions about your toothbrush or how to use if correctly, just ask one of our staff at your next dental appointment.

  • The Importance of Fluoride in Developing Strong Teeth

    Although many opinions on the pros and cons of fluoride and fluoridation in communities abound, dentists agree that fluoride strengthens teeth–both in adults and children. The importance of fluoride for children specifically stems from the fact that the enamel of a child’s teeth is forming throughout childhood. Fluoride helps the body form a strong outer shell of enamel around the teeth, and when a child’s body is forming the enamel for their adult teeth a strong dose of fluoride makes for strong teeth.

    So, how can you ensure your child gets the fluoride necessary to form strong teeth?

    1.) If the water in your community isn’t fluoridated, take a fluoride supplement. Find fluoride tabs at any drugstore, or talk to your dentist.

    2.) Use a mouthwash and toothpaste with fluoride. ACT and other brands list flouride as their active ingredients, check the back of their packaging to be sure.

    Fluoride strengthens teeth at any age but is especially important in childhood for the development of lifelong strong enamel.

    Speak with Dr. Johnson, Dr. Parker, or their amazing staff members for more information on the benefits of flouride and to find the best flouride products for your family. For a great pediatric dentist and orthodontist, visit Johnson Parker pediatric dentistry and orthodontics. Call 801.253.8866 to schedule your next appointment.