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The Kids FUN Zone

At our Kids Fun Zone, we have games and information for kids about dental care and other fun stuff. Check out the links below!

Play Kids Games provides free online kids games that are both fun and educational. Aimed at ages pre-K through middle school, Play Kids Games offers kids a safe environment to discover their abilities and learn new skills with interactive and fun computer games. More »

What is the secret to a healthy smile? Taking good care of your teeth!

Explore Mouthie’s online laboratory to learn how to brush your teeth, what tobacco can do to your mouth, and how to make healthy food choices. More »

Dental Games, what a great way to learn about dental hygiene while playing learning games online. Amaze your friends with teeth trivia. The tooth, I mean “truth” is, that dental health is surprisingly important to general health and to a sense of well being. Children can learn with fun online learning games. Playing online flash games about teeth is a good way to build their understanding and awareness that dental hygiene and health is not just a game. Don’t play with your teeth, remember to floss and brush. More »

From baby teeth to braces, Healthy Teeth is all about what goes on inside your mouth. Produced by dentists for elementary aged kids curious about the “why?” of oral health. More »

Dr. Rabbit has lots of online games to share! More »

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